The Lovers - Tarot Card

  • Pisces
  • 20 February - 20 March
The Lovers


Represents choices to be made usually within romantic relationships or else partnerships where feelings are particularly strong. You need to act with honesty and from a point of love for everyone involved. Think carefully about the implications of your decisions.


Full Meaning

The Lovers can commonly indicate temptation away from a relationship because feelings have developed elsewhere. As well as indicating romantic relationships the Subject could find themselves caught between the needs and demands of different types of relationships and feel they face an impossible choice between people they love.The situation depicted by this card is always going to be a difficult one because emotions are running high. Without true consideration for all the people involved there stands to be a lot of hurt and uprightset. The best advice would be to think through the consequences of any decisions carefully. The Subject should be aware of what they truly need and where they are prepared to compromise. The needs and wishes of others should also be considered, to strike a fair balance for all concerned. At the end of the day they will only be able to be at peace knowing they did their very best, acting from a point of love and consideration for everyone involved.Notes on the image:  A woman is walking away from a man towards an extended hand from outside of the picture, which represents temptation of any kind such as a desire for a different lifestyle, not just physical love affairs.  She has turned her back entirely on the main figure although her left arm is stretched back towards him, which indicates that she’s unsure about the decision she has made or that she really does still care for him.The man is looking down and holding his hand to his chest clearly displaying his hurt. Like the woman, his other arm still reaches backward to her almost as if he’s hoping she’ll come back.  In some ways this image can represent a stalemate in a situation which may be reparable given the right treatment.  It is an uncomfortable but emotional scene that should nudge the subject to think carefully about the choices they are making and the affect they’re having on people around them.



loss of balance, one-sidedness, disharmony



partnerships, duality, union


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