Temperance - Tarot Card

  • Pisces
  • 20 February - 20 March


You need to give and invest more of yourself, your feelings and emotions into the situation at hand. To improve circumstances, be ready and willing to affirm your commitment and love. Move on from the past where necessary and avoid actions that could be perceived as cold or manipulative.


Full Meaning

In Justice the message is about retaining enough intellectual clarity to make clear and fair decisions. In contrast, Temperance focuses on the emotions and working hard to maintain balance in relationships. It is very easy to get out of touch with our own feelings, let alone staying in tune with the people around us.The Subject is likely to be struggling with an important partnership. Relationships of any kind are difficult and it is not possible to be head over heels in love, to remain completely enthralled, with another person over long periods of time.  However, withdrawing a loving attitude from a relationship will undoubtedly create more issues.Dealing with this situation on an intellectual level is not what will help at this time.  Subject should not be allowing the head to rule the heart.  Sentiment, affection and kindness will count for a lot more and can manifest as reassurance for the other party, easing the problem at hand.



extremes, excess, lack of balance



middle path, patience, finding meaning


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