Justice - Tarot Card

  • Pisces
  • 20 February - 20 March


You seek acknowledgment for something you have achieved or have recently come through. You want to be recognised and treated fairly and with honesty. You need time to think reflectively, and rationally, to make the right decision and take the right action. If you can, justice will prevail.


Full Meaning

The Subject may be dealing with the legal aspects of a situation, possibly looking at contracts or progressing through a system/process to achieve something. The Subject will be hoping for a fair conclusion.Whilst this situation continues, they need to keep their emotions in check. The Subject has strong opinions about what is happening and the way they have been treated. The only way to resolve this situation is by remaining as objective and impartial as they possibly can. No matter how unjust they think things are and no matter how overwhelming the Subject’s emotional reaction is, only reflective thinking will yield the right result.In a similar way to the Suit of Swords, Justice refers to the mental ability of the Subject, and the extent to which they can control their feelings through the power of rational thought. They need to refrain from reacting emotionally long enough to make the right and appropriate set of decisions.Notes on the image:  A large but simple golden throne blocks the road and a lady sits calmly. She’s been waiting for the subject to arrive and the subject cannot progress any further down the line until their experience with Justice is done.Whilst she’s not an intimidating figure, the throne signifies her authority, here and now. The sword held in her right hand is a gesture to the suit dedicated to mental aptitude, attitude and conduct which she has conquered. In her left hand she holds the scales that represent balance, so the outcome should be fair, whatever it is, providing her guidance is taken.



dishonesty, unaccountability, unfairness



cause and effect, clarity, truth


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