The Fool - Tarot Card

  • Pisces
  • 20 February - 20 March
The Fool


A new phase in life and an urge to explore new aspects of yourself. Decisions have to be thought through carefully; don’t lead yourself into unsuitable or difficult situations.


Full Meaning

Something new is starting for the Subject which could be a new relationship, job or home.   This is likely to be an exciting time for them with lots of hope and anticipation for the future.  The Subject is so caught upright in the buzz of it all that they may not be thinking as clearly as they should.The Subject should be receptive to change and doing things they wouldn’t normally.  In doing so they will learn about different sides of themself and even discover new things they want out of life. The Subject will be feeling happy, confident and ready to face what is ahead of them.Notes on the image:  The Fool is crossing a bridge to travel to a new kingdom and so this picture illustrates someone embarking on a new journey, a new adventure or start. He carries a small satchel containing his belongings which is representative of the subject being “all in” leaving the past behind and starting completely afresh.He’s not focussed or rushing, in fact he’s playing a flute and wandering along without a care in the world. Almost immediately before him is a hole in the bridge and he is at risk of falling through into the deep, fast moving river below. He’s naively not paying attention to what is ahead of him which could lead him into trouble.



recklessness, taken advantage of, inconsideration



innocence, new beginnings, free spirit


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